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Miss Hastings has long been in the forefront of adult school style discipline from her West Yorkshire classroom. School-mistress in many spanking magazines such as Uniform Girls and an extensive back catalogue of mixed discipline videos. Miss Hastings re-emerges with a limited modern catalogue focussing on schoolroom drama and not to be typecast into a set role she reaches into all different directions and scenarios, Femme domme, caning of which she is accurate and though a slight woman delivered with a harsh lash. It continues as she dons her pleated gym skirt to take over the role of Gym-Mistress where a good slipper or tawse whacking over the vaulting horse will surely shed a tear from those unfortunate to be bent over.

1-2-1 at Westgate

This ill mannered girl will face the wrath of Miss Hasting's slipper and cane for her willful behavior; the detention involved a classroom over the knee spanking followed by a harsh caning then marched down to the gym, put over the vaulting horse and slippered hard.